Our partners

The African Union Foundation advocates for partnerships in various fields in order to promote the work of the African Union and its programmes across a wide range of interests. Partnerships with the private sector, individuals and donors are important. Working together, we can realise the African Union’s vision of an integrated, people-centred and prosperous Africa, at peace with itself and taking its rightful place in the world.

Film Africa

In 2015, the African Union Foundation partnered with Film Africa to introduce the annual African Union Foundation Awards to inspire African film directors, screenwriters, producers and actors, with the goal of Africans defining their own narrative.

The winner of the inaugural award in 2015 was a film called Stories of Our Lives. This is a feature film by Nest Collection from Kenya and comprises a collection of short stories on experiences of gay and lesbian people in Kenya.

Film Africa is the Royal African Society’s annual film festival held in London. It celebrates African cinema on the continent and throughout the diaspora, and recognises and supports new talent through the African Union Foundation Audience Award for Best Feature Film and the Baobab Award for Best Short Film.

For more information visit the Film Africa website

To partner with the African Union Foundation on any of our programmes and projects, please contact us on [email protected].