Africa Day: Egyptian Foreign Ministry launches a comprehensive national program to highlight Egypt's belonging to Africa

(Image: AUF)

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said that on the occasion of the Foreign Ministry's celebration of Africa Day, which takes place May 25 of each year, the Ministry launched a comprehensive national program to highlight Egypt's belonging to Africa, accompanied by an information campaign in the media and on the social networking pages and accounts of the Ministry to define Egypt's role in supporting African issues. The celebration of Africa Day this year is of particular importance since the month of May coincides with Egypt's presidency of the Security Council, through its membership in the Council to represent the African continent during the years 2016 and 2017, and also intersects with Egypt's representation of North African countries in the African Union's Peace and Security Council during the period from 2016 to 2018.

The spokesperson added that on this occasion the Foreign Ministry will organize an "#‎Africa Day" ceremony on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, attended by the African diplomatic corps, the African community in Egypt, members and directors of African organizations and institutions working in #‎Egypt, senior officials and leaders in African work, as well as a group of representatives of universities, centers, bodies, agencies and companies involved in African affairs. The Foreign Ministry will also raise the flags of African countries and the flag of the African Union with the Egyptian flag on the Foreign Ministry's building while lighting the building (facing the Nile) with the word " #‎AFRICA" to celebrate the day. Moreover, embassies abroad will organize celebrations of Africa Day in collaboration with the African countries to which they are accredited.

On the media campaign launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesperson said it will begin on Sunday, May 22, 2016, under the theme "Africa is a continent of struggle and hope", and will continue until May 25. He added the first day will be devoted to identifying the founding of the Organization of African Unity; the second to defining institutions of joint African action; the third to highlighting Egypt's role in Africa, historically and currently; and the fourth to shed light on the most prominent African personalities and important contributions in support of African issues. Finally, the campaign will conclude with an article by Foreign Minister SamehShoukry to be posted on the Foreign Ministry's blog to highlight Egyptian foreign policy concerns in Africa and the role of Egypt in support of African issues and its vision for the future of the continent. On the other hand, at the national level, Ambassador Mohamed Idris, Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs, pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing on May 24 - in coordination with the Arab Organization for Industrialization - a visit by African ambassadors accredited to Cairo to the buildings of various agencies to explore possibilities in the fields of renewable energy, electronics and SUVs, and to share Egypt's knowledge and expertise in these vital areas and open up new prospects for enhancing cooperation between the countries of the African continent. 

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry coordinated on the national level an extensive program of 15 events this year to be held throughout the month of May in the framework of Egypt's celebration of Africa Day in cooperation with the Egyptian Parliament and the Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports, Higher Education, and the State Information Service, and in coordination with African embassies, the mission of the African Union and a number of concerned organizations and associations. These events include "Here is Africa" at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University; the conference titled "Africa: New Horizons" at the Institute of African research and Studies; an "Africa Youth" celebration at the African Society, and the conference of the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, as well as a number of sport, cultural, artistic and social activities and fashion shows with the participation of the wives of African ambassadors, young African youths and the popular teams of the continent's countries