Dr Amany Asfour

Dr Amany Asfour is a medical doctor and entrepreneur who has contributed immensely to the empowerment of women in business during her career. She is the president of the Egyptian Business Women Association.

She established the organisation in 1995 with an aim of promoting young women entrepreneurs and giving guidance to women business owners in the small and medium enterprises sector. The organisation also supports mainstream women in the global market.

Dr Asfour graduated from Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine with a Master’s degree and MD in paediatrics. She joined the private sector while she was still a student, establishing a medical equipment company. She was a lecturer of paediatrics at the National Research Centre in Egypt. She is active in organisations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Dr Asfour is the president of Egypt’s Business and Professional Women, the African Alliance for Women Empowerment and the Afro-Arab Network for Women Empowerment.

She is also the chairperson of the Human Resources, Sciences and Technology Cluster of the AU’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council.